Brogdon Machine is a leading manufacturer of tooling used to produce hot form and super-plastic formed (SPF) titanium parts. These dies, inserts and self contained SPF dies are generally made from a high nickel based stainless steel and are built to withstand many forming cycles at temperatures of 1100–1750 degrees.

Additionally we produce master tooling, fiberglass trim-drill tools and chemical mill templates. We also have built several thousand forming tools used in aluminum hydroforming, mill fixtures (including hydraulic) and assembly jigs.

Hot Form Die 8″ X 36″ X 48″
Hot Form Die
Super Plastic Forming Die 30″ X 30″
Super Plastic Forming Die

Hydraulic Mill Fixture for 60″ Extrusion
Hydraulic Mill Fixture
Assembly Test and Ream Jig
Assembly Jig